November 25, 2016

About Freediving

Here we have a brief outline of the main disciplines associated with Freediving.


CWT – Constant Weight

The most popular form of apnea. This involves the diver descending down a line (and only being allowed to touch it on the turn) to their designated depth and then rising back to the surface on a single breath. The use of mono or bi-fins is allowed.

CNF – Constant Weight No Fins

Considered the most pure form of Freediving. The diver uses only their own power to take them down and back up again. Arguably the most challenging discipline.

FIM – Free Immersion

Similar to CWF and also without the aid of fins. Although the diver uses the rope to pull themselves down and back up.

STA – Static

This normally takes place in a pool (or in still calm water) and involves the athlete submersing their mouth and nose underwater for as long as possible on a single breath.

DYN – Dynamic With Fins

The diver is in a pool and swims just below the surface for as long a distance as possible with the aid of mono or bi-fins.

DNF – Dynamic No Fins

The same as DYN but without the aid of fins, just muscle power.

VWT – Variable Weight

One of the two “extreme” disciplines. Here the diver descends with the aid of weights (normally a sledge) and comes back up to the surface under their own power, usually with fins.

NLT – No Limits

The one that most non-free divers are interested in. The diver goes down riding a sledge and ascends with the aid of a lift bag. Amazing depths can be reached with this method, but is not classed as a competitive discipline.